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Narendra Modi - Politics of Southern India


Modi is talking about MGR (Maruthur Gopalan Ramachandran) was a South Indian actor, philanthropist, and filmmaker turned politicians who was the Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu for 10 years, from 1977  until his  death in 1987. He was the AIADMK's founder and anther actor turned politicians J. Jayalalithaa's mentor. On 19 March 1988, M.G.R. was posthumously awarded the Bharat Ratna. Narendra Modi, who had been a Sewak with the RSS all his adult life, had just been deputed to the BJP in 1985, was not holding any office at the time and did not have any role in the decision to posthumously honour MGR.

Ram Mandir raga - 16 January 2024

From the Opposition...

Yatra in Uttar Pradesh

Rahul Gandhi's yatra begins

ABC upsets Aussie Hindus

Outrageous, deliberate and upsetting

The ABC coverage of the Ram Temple Pran Pratishtha at Ayodhya on January 22 was found to be extremely upsetting by Australian Hindus. 274 of them chose to complain in writing to the ABC's Ombudsman.

The report, dated 13 February by the Ombudsman's office, found no evidence of factual errors or bias. RadioIndia spoke to Dr Mukesh Garg and here is how, an obviously upset Dr Garg saw the ABC's actions.

From the archives

When Taliban suddenly took over Afghanistan, especially Kabul within days, completely outsmarting even the US, all hell broke loose. The Australian Afghan community was devastated and almost everyone was directly and indirectly affected. RadioIndia spoke to Afghan Australians who had people on ground...

Speaking to Nawed Cina of Mahbooba's Promise - a charity based in Sydney:

Speaking to Akram Yousofi, a Hazara community member, based in Melbourne's East:

Reaction to Sandeshkhali events

What is being alleged to have been happening in Sandeshkhali in West Bengal state in India is extreme abuse of power by politicians.

Australians who originally come from West Bengal say they cannot believe this is actually happening. At the same time, politicians are losing no opportunity to play politics or play down the allegations while trying their best to hang on to power amidst calls for imposition of President's rule.

Locals have a view, listen in:

From the archives

Exclusive interview with Disney Spin star Avantika Vandanapu. Avantika speaks on the even of the release of her DIsney series 'Spin' and discusses the life of a migrant family, personal struggles with her work and studies and so on... just click on the image to listen in.

Ram Mandir and Elections 2024

Ram Mandir euphoria is gripping the Hindu communities all  over the globe. With the opening of the Ram Temple at Ayodhya approaching fast, the zest and zeal of the devotees rising rapidly, Modi mania and magic is also kicking in, just in time for the 2024 elections.

The bhajans and vibes - the atmos is really kicking in:


Ticklish politicking

With Rahul Gandhi's Nyay Yatra, almost breathing its last, a new ray of hope has been seen by the Congress loyalists with Akhilesh Yadav finally joining the Congress prince in UP. Apparently a complete capitulation by the Congress in UP seat sharing made that possible.

But, nothing will come out of it, if Dr Mukesh Garg's assessment of the Congress party's fortunes is any guide. A BJP loyalist to the core, Dr Garg thinks, Rahul will never make it. Listen in:

Talking to local experts

Dr Mukesh Garg is a well known local academic and leader. He is a former Family First contestant for the federal seat of Gellibrand. Very passionate about his community and India, Dr Garg speaks regularly on issues that are important to our Australian Indian community.

Dr Garg on Taliban takeover of Afghanistan